Since the day Adrien Phaneuf founded his little blacksmith shop on Main Street, much has changed in the family business. In 1946, Mr. Phaneuf decided to add an international agency to his blacksmith shop.

In 1984, Case and International agricultural equipment brands merged. The new Case-International banner enhances the already existing range.

In 1988, we decided to expand and expand the territory. To do this, we buy the concession of Mr. André Bédard de Granby. In 1995, the location of 982 Denison East was acquired to modernize our facilities and provide better service.

In September 1998, when Bernard Automobiles Ltd. decided to close its doors, it took possession of the adjacent land and buildings to establish the lawn garden line, Cub Cadet founded by International Harvester in 1961.

November 2001, new change within the company. The respective sons of Yvon and Andree, Charles and Hugues, took over and became owners. September 2004, Charles and Hugues consolidated their position with the acquisition of Équipements Boucher of Marieville, which will bear the name Les Equipements Phaneuf & Boucher inc until April 2008, the year of entire purchase and its merger with Equipements Adrien Phaneuf inc.

January 2017, Charles Phaneuf and Hugues Théroux announce the acquisition of Les Equipments Lazure & Riendeau, whose primary site was located in Ste-Martine, Québec, completed by two branches in St-Clet and Huntingdon.

This acquisition allow the Phaneuf group to expand its presence in the market and its strategy to develop its sales and repair services in the Montérégie territories.

Today, with eight points of sale, our company has a turnover of several million and has more than 120 employees to its credit.